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27 February 2011 @ 12:36 pm
To fellow kat-tun fans  
I don't know if posts like this are allowed in communities,so I'm posting it here.

I thought this could be a good idea to have a community for all KAT-TUN related translations.I know that there are already some communities for translations,but I don't there's any where translations from everyone and in all languages can be posted.
In my opinion,it would not only be easier to find,but maybe more interesting for KAT-TUN fans who aren't that fluent in English,as they could get the chance to find translations in their own languages.Your thoughts?

Thing is,I can't maintain a community like this on my own,and I could really use some suggestions (like,for the name,do we include Jin translations as well,etc.) and help (e.g.,for graphics).

If you know people who would be interested in such a community,please spread the word!

I'm open to all opinions and suggestions :)
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