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Happiness is behind you,just accept to turn around...

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.A word in the air
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I ♥ reading
I ♥ drawing
I ♥ writing
I ♥ Music
I ♥ Japan
I ♥ mangas/animes
I ♥ Video games
I ♥ Dramas
I ♥ KH / FF
I ♥ Tales of Series
I ♥ Assassin's Creed
I ♥ Cold Case
I ♥ Evanescence
I ♥ Hurts
I ♥ Queen
I ♥ Acid Black Cherry
I ♥ Arashi
I ♥ Kamenashi Kazuya
I ♥ Freddie Mercury
I ♥ a lot of things
18 years old.Girl.Born on March 21st,lives in Belgium.Speaks French and tries to do her best in English.

I overuse emoticons ^^ I don't write that much in my journal,mostly due to my lazyness,but I'm trying! I'm pretty random,too ._.
Personality-wise,I'm quite moody; I can be cold a moment and hyper the next.I'm talktative and cheerful with friends,but shy and quiet otherwise.I'm a bit aggressive,too honest and a bit sarcastic,resulting to me saying mean things without really wanting to. I can get awfully whiny,too.
I'm weird,a bit of an idiot and say nonsense puns.Get used to it :\

Feel free to friend me,especially if we have commons interests! I like making new friends =3 Just drop a comment on the first post on my journal,'kay? So I know who you are~

~As long as I know the direction,there's no reason for me to stop~

~Make love,not war;condoms are cheaper than nuclear bombs~

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